Verto Animo is a cooperative platformer with a twist: Each player controls the movement of one character and the jumping of the other. Test your patience and your friendships as you work together to complete each challenge.

Project Background

Game Creation Society - Fall 2017
GCS Silver Award Winner
Created with Unity

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GitHub Release


Carter Williams - Team Lead and Programming
Dominic Calkosz - Programming and Level Design
Edward Shin - Art and Design
Adrian Mester - Sound, Music, and Level Design
Philip Lamkin - Level Design
Matthew Bofenkamp - Design, Programming, Tech Design

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Original Soundtrack

My Contributions

Verto Animo was my first GCS project, and my introduction to Unity. Luckily, my team lead Carter was a willing mentor, and we have since become great friends. My focus during this project was on building game mechanics such as moving platforms and walls, buttons to trigger those movements, and checkpoints to ease intra-level progression. In addition, I took the opportunity to delve into Unity's canvas system by creating all of our menus and UI. Finally, I wrote a persistent data saving structure in order to track the players' level progress.