Other Projects

This Website

This site was made from scratch as a personal project, primarily to display my game portfolio to the world. It was also an opportunity to apply and advance the web development skills that I gained at The Game Agency. I utilized a wide array of tools for this project, including Bootstrap for styling, Jekyll for local testing, and GitHub Pages for hosting. You can check out the source code on my GitHub, which also contains a complete list of credits in the readme file.


Producing electronic music has been an on-and-off hobby of mine for about 7 years. I work primarily with the Maschine controller and software, along with Massive for synth creation. Although I have lost track of the dates for many of my songs, I can say that most of them were made in my early high school years. I later uploaded them to SoundCloud.


Teknowledge is a student organization at CMU created to teach Python to middle school and high school kids, in order to spur interest for coding. In Fall 2017, I was on the curriculum development team designing and producing pedagogical materials such as activities and worksheets. In Spring 2018, I joined the mentoring team and went to the local Obama Academy twice a week to teach students directly using the very same curriculum I had helped to create. The Teknowledge website and open-source curriculum are both available online.

Speedrun Leaderboard Moderation

In my free time, I am a moderator for Flat Heroes on speedrun.com, and occasionally run the game myself.

Beat Saber Maps

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you slash blocks to the beat of different songs. Thanks to a large modding community, players are able to create their own custom maps. I am in the process of mapping Sanctuary, a full album by Infinity Shred. You can check my progress on GitHub.

Hearthstone Projects

(Match Format Research)

A game theoretic study of Hearthstone match formats. You can try out the match solver yourself! Our formal results are documented as a poster and research paper. Thanks to Jim McCann for the original idea, and for mentoring me throughout the research. Source code is available on GitHub.

Flavor Text Minigame

A randomly generated minigame to test your knowledge of Hearthstone flavor and lore. Try it out! Card data is pulled from the official Hearthstone Game Data API, which means content will automatically update with every new card set. Thanks to Drew Sangston for the inspiration, and to everyone who playtested and gave me feedback. Source code is available on GitHub.

Card Generator

A random card generator inspired by Hearthstone. Try it out! All of the cards are created according to a context-free grammar, developed manually, which is pulled directly from this Google Sheet. Special thanks to Adrian Mester for helping me to structure and populate this, and for the original inspiration. Source code, and local setup instructions, are available on GitHub.

Discover Blog Post

A blog post about why I think Discover is one of the best mechanics in Hearthstone. Written for Jesse Schell's Game Design class at the Entertainment Technology Center. Check it out!

Academia Aggregate

A collection of research papers which are about Hearthstone, or utilize it in some way. Check it out!