The Pentaton


This game introduces an instrument called the Pentaton, which uses blocks of different shapes and colors to play notes on a grid. Explore how it works in freeplay mode, or jump into a sequence of 7 levels. For a customized experience, replace the audio files provided with your own sound font.

Project Background

Computer Game Programming - Sept. 2020
Created with C++

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My Process

The Pentaton was a solo project created in under 1 week for Computer Game Programming, a CMU course taught by Jim McCann. The assignment was to develop a game with sound using only C++. I came up with this idea for a cell-based instrument which uses the pentatonic scale so that players can experiment freely without getting a garbled mess of sound. This also led naturally to puzzles with specific position and orientation of notes. Although I was unable to develop all the automaton-style mechanics I had in mind, the result was still fully customizable and fun to experiment with.