The Medium - A Slay the Spire Mod


Explore the duality of humanity and spiritualism as you climb The Spire, building a deck of unique cards in a quest to slay the Heart. The Medium is a mod for an existing game called Slay the Spire.

Project Background

Game Creation Society - Spring 2019
Created with Java

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Carter Williams - Team Lead, Programming, & Design
Adrian Mester - Team Lead & Design
Dominic Calkosz - Team Lead & Programming
Tiger Jia - Design
Joseph Perrino - Programming
Grace Liu - Art
Eileen Lee - Art

Source Code

GitHub Repository

My Contributions

Slay the Spire is a beautiful blend of card game and rogue-like. When Adrian first pitched the idea to mod it, I was immediately on board. We quickly set forth on initial brainstorming for the narrative premise and core mechanics, which was quite exciting. However, I ultimately decided to focus on programming for this project. This was partially due to my concurrent enrollment in GDPP, but also served as a personal experiment to work on a game while distanced from its design. It wasn't until the last few weeks of the semester that I realized how demotivated I was in comparison to projects which I had invested design work into. I am mindful that there may have been other factors, such as the rapid design and prototyping of GDPP which consumed much of my passion. I can not draw any definite conclusions about my future as a designer vs. programmer, but this only leaves me more excited to continue exploring.