Talk of the Town is a 2-player game in which you must convince as much of the town as possible that you are the party king. Prove to your fellow citizens that you really are the life of the party by completing the challenges they give you. Succeed, and they'll tell everyone that you truly party harder than your opponent, transmitting your charisma across the community. Convince the most people that you party the hardest, and you win!

Project Background

Global Game Jam [48 hours] - Jan. 2018
Theme: "Transmission"
Won "Best Theming" award
Created with Unity

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Global Game Jam Page
Game Creation Society Page


Adrian Biagioli - Programming
Matthew Bofenkamp - Programming
Dominic Calkosz - Programming
Grace Liu - Art
Aidan Peck - Music and Sound Effects

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Original Soundtrack

My Contributions

Global Game Jam 2018 was my first game jam, and only my second Unity project, but Adrian Biagioli took me under his wing and showed me a variety of Unity's cool features and useful tricks. Over the course of our 48 hour jam, I was able to design and code a number of modular minigames and then integrate them into the central game loop of Talk of the Town. This included some of my first work with sprites and animation in Unity. I was also responsible for the main menu design and functionality, and for the in-game music player.