Notes come from all directions in this colorful rhythm game. Take aim, hit the beat, and nab that high score!

Project Background

Game Creation Society - Fall 2019
Created with LÖVE2D

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Jonathan Fischer - Team Lead and Music
Will Ozeas - Programming
Julia Shuieh - Programming
Christoph Gaffud - Programming and Background Art
Sanjay Salem - Logo Art
Aidan Peck - Sound and Music
Darien Weems - Programming
Harine Choi - Programming
George Whitfield - Music
Dominic Calkosz - Music

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Original Soundtrack

My Contributions

My only work on Octave, aside from playtesting and feedback, was writing and producing a song called Planets of Young. Electronic music production has been a hobby of mine for many years, and I took this opportunity to create music as a part of something greater.