Explore the disparate memories trapped within an eerie house. Liminal is a small collection of interactive narratives with common themes but separate characters, genres, and styles.

Project Background

Game Creation Society - Fall 2020
Schell Games Award
Created with Twine

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Dominic Calkosz - Team Lead and Writing
Catherine Wang - Writing
Nellie Tonev - Writing
Hayoon Choi - Writing
An Tang - Writing
Chelsea Liu - Writing
Grace Li - Writing
Helena Yang - Writing
George Whitfield - Writing

Source Code

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My Contributions

At the start of the semester, I pitched an open-ended "Game Narratives" project with one goal: To let GCS members explore game narrative writing, and to do so in a low-stress, low-commitment setting. I did not have a setting or theme in mind. I had not even decided if we would write collaboratively, and whether or not we'd use Twine. But the individuals who joined this project had so many incredible ideas, and it evolved into what is now Liminal. My writing contribution was "The Elevator", as well as the opening sequence. I also coded the interactive house.