Law is a card game made for a standard 52-card deck in which the rules change as you play. Each turn, take 3 cards from the Draw or Discard pile, then discard 1. When you get a set, straight, or flush, you get a new Law, and the rules have changed! Collect 4 Laws to win.

Project Background

Game Design (with Jesse Schell) - April 2020

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Tabletop Simulator Mod
Full Rulebook

My Process

This was a solo project for an assignment called "The Frontier of Freedom" which required us to design and develop any game at all. I was excited about the idea of a game for a 52-card deck which played differently every time due to a large number of possible interactions. The assignment was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but I adapted by using Tabletop Simulator. I came up with the core concept quickly, then spent weeks of playtesting in order to refine the rules and make the Laws more fun.