Two empires battle for control over the land. But whether they nurture or neglect the nature around them is a choice of its own. Play as an industrious or environmentalist empire, or forget the troubles of human conflict and play as the Earth itself, fostering beautiful forests and animal ecosystems. Regardless of your goals on this planet, keep one eye on the climate, lest there is nothing left to fight for.

Project Background

Game Creation Society - Fall 2019
Created with Unity

Play It Now!

Windows Download
Game Creation Society Page
GitHub Release
(Requires three controllers. Dual-display recommended but not required.)


Dominic Calkosz - Team Lead, Design, and Programming
Austin Garcia - Art
Michael Loguercio - Music and Sound
Joel Manning - Programming
Adrian Mester - Design and Additional Art
Joseph Perrino - Programming
Alex Prudnikov - Music and Sound
Triss Ren - Programming
Alan Zhu - Music, Sound, and Audio Programming

Source Code

GitHub Repository

My Contributions

I set out to create a game that would convey my concerns about climate change. This began with many design iterations on what core gameplay could evoke the player experience that was necessary for this. With a loose design in mind, I assembled a team of GCS members and added to my responsibilites those of a leader, producer, and programmer. To simultaneously manage scheduling, delegation, and communication, I maintained a production schedule. This is the thinnest I have spread myself across roles, but I genuinely enjoyed the experience, and am truly proud of our final product.