Helter Smelter is a couch co-op/PvP game about forging weapons for the Norse Gods. Play as Eitri or Brokkr to shape, smelt, and smith the Gods' requests as fast as possible. Compete as two teams to accumlate the most gold, or work together towards a high score.

Project Background

Game Design, Prototyping, and Production - April 2019
Created with Unity

Play It Now!

Windows Download
GitHub Release
(Requires xbox controllers for 1-4 players)


Dominic Calkosz - Programming and Design
Zixuan (Avery) Zou - Programming and Design
CJ Nilson - Programming and Design
Austin Garcia - Art and Design
Ilana Franklin - Art and Design
Trento von Lindenberg - Sound, Production, and Design

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Gameplay Videos

My Contributions

Helter Smelter was created in 5 weeks as the final project for a CMU course called Game Design, Prototyping, and Production. After working with this team through 3 previous games, I felt prepared to dive headfirst into the development of our initial concept, and created a complete prototype in the first 4 days. With the help of feedback from our playtesters, we then worked to adjust our design and further develop the mechanics. Ultimately, I had minimal help on the programming side, but this allowed me to focus on constructing and applying various custom systems. Developing this game taught me a great deal about how best to integrate player feedback into a continuous design process.