Enviro is a puzzle game about pushing barrels of toxic waste to a disposal site. Experiment with the different ways you can interact with the environment and overcome challenging obstacles!

Project Background

Computer Game Programming - Fall 2020
Created with C++

Play It Now!

Windows Download Page
GitHub Release


Alyssa Lee - Programming, Design, & Art
Michelle Chang - Programming, Design, & Art
Dominic Calkosz - Programming & Design
Jianrong Yu - Programming & Design
Jim McCann - Base Code & Mentorship

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Gameplay Video

My Contributions

Enviro was a unique project to work on because it was the culminating group project for Computer Game Programming, which meant the whole team were adept programmers. I was officially designated the "architect", responsible for code decisions, but my teammates all made invaluable programming contributions. I developed the grid and object class hierarchy, movement system, undo system, and many smaller systems. I also sourced and implemented all of the audio, designed several puzzles, and conducted much of our playtesting. After the course was over, I revamped all the levels (including many new ones) in order to better teach the core mechanics and explore their potential with more challenging puzzles.