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A Discord MOBA powered by a bot. Split up to search for treasures and race against the other team to collect them first. Features four different minigames, emoji graphics, and proximity voice chat.

Project Background

Experimental Game Design with Paolo Pedercini - Oct. 2020
Created with JS and the Discord API


Kalpa Anjur - Programming & Design
Dominic Calkosz - Programming & Design
Davis Dunaway - Programming & Design
Max Krieger - Programming & Design
Adrian Mester - Programming & Design

Source Code

Glitch Project

My Contributions

This was my first time developing a Discord bot and it was a ton of fun. We experimented with all kinds of features like forcing users to switch voice channels, automatically changing roles, updating role permissions, and dynamically generating content. I designed and wrote much of the gameplay code. It ended up being a hacky but unique game.