A multiplayer game about controlling an authoritarian state with your friends. Maintain a balance of happiness, health, military, and wealth, or watch your empire crumble.

Project Background

Experimental Game Design with Paolo Pedercini - Fall 2020
Created with Unity and JavaScript

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Dominic Calkosz - Programming & Design
Davis Dunaway - Design
Matthew Lucien Komar - Programming & Design
Lexin Yuan - Art & Design
Zhenfang Chen - Art

Source Code

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My Contributions

Early in the process, we spent a lot of time iterating on different designs. I even implemented a networked prototype of a completely different social communication game. But once we settled on this concept, I got to work implementing a class hierarchy for the card and event systems focused on designer accessibility. Decktatorship involved a lot of networking, so as the lead programmer, I undertook the effort to make it robust. This involved both server and client side programming. Ultimately, the game lacked some polish and a couple of features that we were excited about, but it was a novel and enjoyable experience.