When the world is ravaged by nuclear fallout, there is only one way to repair things... by destroying something first! Participate in the grand Construction Derby where you destroy your opponent's cars while simultaneously repairing and improving your own. Be careful, as the hosts of this competition are not privy to fair play, and many brutal traps await those who enter. Keep fighting and be the last one left driving! Achieve glory as you smash your friend's vehicles to bits and add them to your own!

Project Background

Global Game Jam [48 hours] - Feb. 2020
Theme: "Repair"
Created with Unity

Play It Now!

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GitHub Release


Malek Anabtawi - Programming
Dominic Calkosz - Programming
Thomas Carey - Art and Programming
Jonathan Fischer - Music and Sound
Tiger Jia - Programming
Adrian Mester - Music and Sound
Carter Williams - Programming

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Original Soundtrack

My Contributions

Construction Derby was a blast to work on. I spent most of the jam programming core features, including the code for how parts are ejected from the car based on collisions, and how collected parts are displayed on the car model. The entire team collaborated on design, so the final result included gameplay ideas from everyone.