Cloak and Dagger is a top-down multiplayer online arena brawler where players are visible only under torchlight. It features multiple game modes, customization options, and playable characters. Take on a fast-paced match of King of the Hill, or use your stealth and the element of surprise to be the Last Survivor. Connect with friends online using our AWS server.

Project Background

Game Creation Society - Fall 2018
People's Choice Award Winner
Created with Unity

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Dominic Calkosz - Team Lead and Programming
Carter Williams - Team Lead and Programming
Ning Cao - Programming
Tommy Jiang - Programming
Jessica (Jess) Cao - Art
Jessica Li - Art
Xiang Luo - Art
Gabe Whitney - Music and Sound

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Gameplay Video

My Contributions

Cloak and Dagger was my first time leading a GCS project, and I'm immensely proud of the result. I was able to coordinate the team's progress, train our novice programmers on Unity and C#, and still dedicate many hours to my own coding work. In order to enable and streamline the in-game character selection, I created a system for applying animations to multiple color palettes. I also developed a generic settings configuration system so that each match could be customized with a wide variety of in-game options. In addition, this was my first experience with networked multiplayer, but thanks to Carter's custom relay server and client interface, programming for synchronous play was intuitive and efficient.