Beatsketball is a PvP basketball rhythm game that will keep you on your toes. Keep to the beat as you dribble across the court and dodge your opponent's defensive guards. Show your musical mastery by winning every faceoff, and you'll make a sweet dunk. Features song selection, controller support, and endless fast-paced fun.

Project Background

Game Design, Prototyping, and Production - Feb. 2019
Created with Unity

Play It Now!

Windows Download (for xbox controllers)
Windows Download (for iBuffalo gamepads)
GitHub Releases


Dominic Calkosz - Programming and Design
Zixuan (Avery) Zou - Programming and Design
CJ Nilson - Programming and Design
Austin Garcia - Art and Design
Ilana Franklin - Art and Design
Trento von Lindenberg - Sound, Production, and Design

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Gameplay Video

My Contributions

Beatsketball was my first time developing a rhythm game, but I went into it knowing that a robust musical timing interface would make the core of an enjoyable and engaging game. With this in mind, I dedicated all my efforts during the first week to build a functional prototype that got the rhythm right, even when the game's timescale was changed during runtime. After receiving positive feedback on the initial demo, and on our designs for the following week, I switched gears and focused on the player experience. Our goal was to create gameplay that is simultaneously competitive and lighthearted. And of course, we wanted it to feel polished. I worked, both as a designer and programmer, to make sure that the players felt a satisfying response to each input and understood the outcome of every action, as effortlessly as possible.