Backside Breakout


Backside Breakout is a prison break role-playing game. Gameplay is turn based with multiple turns a day before players have to move back to their cells and lose any items not properly hidden. The most convenient place to stash items is in one's rectum, hence the title Backside Breakout. The game is won by fulfilling one of three different escape routes, possibly involving bribery, disguises, or a copious amount of spoons.

Project Background

PIGDA Board Game Jam [8 hours] - Oct. 2018
Theme: "Freedom"
Won Best Theming and Most Creative Use of Materials


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Carter Williams - Design
Tomas San Miguel - Design
Adrian Mester - Design
Tiger Jia - Design
Dominic Calkosz - Design

My Contributions

This was my first board game jam, and a unique opportunity for me to practice game design without getting swept up in code. The five of us collaborated to develop this concept, and had a blast coming up with mechanics like the crazy old man, the butt sleeve, various prison occupations, daily events, and more.